Meet our crew and hear our story

"The team is our most important asset"

"Going to work should be fun and educational. Well-being and a good working environment are paramount for a healthy company. Good service starts with employees who thrive and are challenged on an individual level. We are proud of the team that represents Surf Pro today As an employer, we can always improve and we prioritize that very highly."

Stories from Rasmus and Klaus



Our vision is to be a meeting point for experts, enthusiasts and new surfers, where communities, experiences and passion are the driving force for a healthy lifestyle.


We create unique opportunities for development and dreams within surfing through professional guidance, shops and spots, education, rental, training, events, as well as togetherness and communities.


Uncompromising - Unity - innovation and openness
We care for the nature that enables our passion and work towards a sustainable future for surfing

Proud owners

Klaus Suciu Sørensen

Rasmus Fejerskov

Full-time employees

Sebastian Lund

Tobias Ernst

Søren Schmidt

Rasmus Simonsen

Seasonal workers and youth workers

Dirk Herpel

Ebbe Leonardo

Anita Hornum

Marcus Munk

Chester Andersen



Ambassadors and friends of the house

Kristoffer Kristensen