Wood-fired Sauna

Rented out on hourly or daily basis

Relax in our sauna after your surf session or take it home to your private party or event.

Flexible renting

We rent out saunas both by the hour and by the day. Whatever you need, we have 3 saunas available.

Cheap prices

We are one of the cheapest sauna rentals on the west coast.

Possibility of delivery

We are happy to deliver the saunas to you for a fee if you do not have your own car for transport.

Sauna on an hourly basis

Relax in our sauna after your surf session. Enjoy the panoramic view of the North Sea while warming up. The sauna is booked privately for you, so you decide for yourself how many of you share it.


Sauna on a daily basis

Give your surf event or private party a great kick with our new delicious mobile sauna, which is heated with a wood-firet oven. The sauna is mounted on a trailer, which can be placed anywhere with solid ground - on the beach, by the summer house or wherever you want. There can be up to 6 people in the sauna.


Our favorite spots for sauna comfort

Maybe you dream of your very own sauna